Where Can I Adopt A Pitbull Puppy?

where can i adopt a pitbull puppy
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Hi there and welcome to today’s article on adopting a Pitbull puppy. If you plan to own a dog in your home or expand your pet family, you have two options. You can either adopt or buy a new dog. 

From the two options, adopting is the most fulfilling decision you can make. Why you might ask? This is because more than half a million Pitbulls are euthanized in rescue centers every year. One of the major reasons for this is the breed specific legislation (BSL) against this breed. Another reason is as a result of the negative stereotypes associated with this breed. 

The combination of these two factors makes more and more people shy away from adopting this dog breed. It can be quite sad and heart-breaking for these lovable dogs. After all, all a dog wants is for a human to love and to be loved back in return. 

You’re probably here because you do indeed want to adopt a Pitbull puppy and shower him/her with lots of love and care. In this article, we’ll provide answers to your question (where can I adopt a Pitbull puppy?) as well as other adoption tips available for you to make your search easier. 

Where Can I Adopt A Pitbull Puppy? 

Looking for where to adopt a Pitbull puppy is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is visit your local city or county dog shelter to find a suitable pet while giving him/her a happy home and another chance in life. Alternatively, you can search online to find a foster-based rescue group close to you. 

A number of animal shelters and welfare organizations allow potential owners to adopt Pitbulls. If you’re scouting for where you can adopt a Pitbull puppy, we’ve provided a list below:

1. Pitbull Rescue Central 

This organization provides a loving home to Pitbulls and mixed Pitbull breeds until they get adopted. They usually provide comprehensive support through the adoption process until the dog gets to your home. 

2. American Pitbull Foundation (APBF) 

To apply, you would be required to fill out their online adoption application form after which it will be reviewed. Afterward, volunteers from the foundation will get in touch with you to provide results from the review. 

If you pass the review, they would schedule a home visit with you. This is to ensure your home will be a suitable environment for your new Pitbull puppy. They will also ask you about the opinion of your landlord (assuming you rent) and also about your insurance coverage. This is all in regards to the adoption process. It is important that you verify all these before you file for adoption of a Pitbull puppy. 

Apart from inspecting your home, the APBF will also carry out checks to determine if a Pitbull suits your family. Once you’ve passed all the checks and tests, you can now head to the shelter, pay their adoption fee and bring your new pet home. 

Please note that the APBF and other shelters reserve the right to decline your application. If they do this, it will be based on qualities they believe are unsuitable for the dog(s). 

3. Villalobos Rescue Centre

Villalobos rescue center is a volunteer organization and they take care of rescued Pitbull dogs. They have hundreds of Pitbulls for adoption consisting of puppies, adult dogs, and senior (older) dogs.

4. Angel City Pit Bulls (ACPB) 

If you live in Los Angeles, this is one of the Pitbull rescue organizations based in the City. They have a long list of adoptable Pitbull dogs. They are also happy to assist in acclimatizing your new puppy into your home. 

If for some reason your local dog shelter(s) doesn’t happen to have any Pitbull dogs available for adoption you can visit https://www.adoptapet.com/s/adopt-an-american-pit-bull-terrier for more information. 

All you need to do is enter the breed you’re looking to adopt, your location, a distance as near or as far as you choose, the sex and age of the dog, and then click on search. 

Bear in mind that with this option, you most likely may have to travel some distance to pick your new family member up.

To watch a positive experience of adopting a Pitbull, check out the video below 

Reasons To Adopt A Pitbull Dog

Adopting a dog brings a unique type of joy. Dogs in shelters have usually gone through a rough experience. This means no matter how young or old they are they would appreciate a second home. 

A Pitbull that has been put in a shelter may have behavioral issues but that’s only as a result of the suffering they’ve experienced. If you can be patient with them, they will show you more love than any other dog could. 

Before you make the decision to adopt a Pitbull, first make sure your landlord (if you rent) does not have any strict rules about “dangerous breeds.” You will also need to make sure your home insurance covers living with a dog and any other clauses that may be in your insurance policy. 

If you’re looking for reasons why adopting is better than buying, we’ve compiled a few below:

1. It’s A Great Opportunity To Be Part Of A Good Cause 

A lot of pet owners these days are in support and promoting the “adopt and don’t buy movement.” This, in turn, encourages other aspiring dog owners to adopt from their local shelters. Adopting a dog is something to be very proud of.

2. You Would Be Helping To End Dog Homelessness

Every day, dogs are taken into rescue shelters as a result of homelessness. Adopting a dog on your part would be a very noble effort because adopting them means putting an end to needless suffering. This is especially important for Pitbull breeds. 

3. Pitbulls Are Intelligent Dogs

This dog breed is highly intelligent and they are always eager to please their human owners. If you put in the required amount of time to train them properly, even an adult Pitbull from a shelter will be very obedient. 

4. It’s An Opportunity To Develop A Deeper Bond

Ordinarily, having a dog as part of your family is a special moment. How much more when you save a dog from certain death and adopt him or her? There will always be a special and deeper bond with a dog you’ve adopted and incorporated into your family. 

Both you and your new furry friend will always share that deep and special bond and your Pitbull puppy will always remain loyal and grateful. 

5. Pitbulls Require Low Maintenance 

This dog breed has thin fur which means it requires little bathing and they also don’t shed their hair a lot. They also can live for as long as 14 years. This means you would enjoy a lot of quality time with your new furry friend.

The Sad Story Of Pitbulls And Adoption In The US

Now that you’ve decided to adopt a Pitbull puppy, you may be wondering how they end up in rescue centers in the first place. 

Pitbulls that are taken into the custody of a shelter are usually surrendered by their previous owners. Sometimes they are seized by the authorities and put into shelters. Sometimes, someone may have called 911 to report a noisy Pitbull. Other times, they may just be plain scared and called to report the Pitbull even though the dog didn’t do anything wrong. 

Only one-third of the Pitbull breeds in rescue shelters end up getting adopted. This is because the majority of them may end up getting euthanized as a result of BSL we mentioned earlier. (Click here to learn more about BSL in our article: The Pitbull Is Banned In What States?). Sometimes they get euthanized because of the limitations from insurance companies or neighborhood restrictions. 

A lot of Pitbulls that are put into shelters are considered “at-risk” until they are adopted by a suitable owner/family. Being taken away from their previous owners causes quite a bit of emotional stress to Pitbull’s which makes them elusive to other people. To add to their distress, a lot of Pitbull’s stay three times longer in a rescue shelter than other dog breeds. 

For states which enforce BSL, the population of Pitbulls that have been seized is a growing problem. Due to the fact that no one is allowed to adopt (even if they want to) a lot of these dogs are euthanized. 

The lucky dogs are those that are transported to other states to be put up for possible adoption. If you want to adopt a Pitbull, you need to check first that there are no legal restrictions where you reside to avoid any issues. 

For most Pitbulls that end up in a shelter whatever the reason, it’s usually quite a sad one. It’s up to you as a possible new owner to ensure they have happier lives. 

Factors To Consider Before You Adopt A Pitbull Puppy 

Before you open your computer to surf the internet or drive to your nearest shelter to meet your new best friend, you need to be fully prepared. Since you’re going to be adopting a puppy, it’s a long term commitment between ten and fifteen years minimum. 

You will need to consider the factors below before you fill those adoption papers: 

1. Prepare Your Home 

You will need to make sure your home can house a Pitbull. Ensure you have a fence so they can’t get away easily. 

You also need to make sure if you have kids that they are old enough to understand they have no business getting a Pitbull angry or annoyed. Ensure they understand they could get harmed if they do this but this does not mean Pitbulls are a safety risk. You just need to emphasize this properly.

The reason for this is because Pitbulls have a very energetic nature and if your kids are small, they could push them down if they get overly excited. 

The good thing about having a Pitbull around is they don’t need a large space to thrive. All they need is your company and they will be happy and satisfied. 

Please note, Pitbulls are prone to chewing things destructively if they are left alone for long periods of time.

2. Consider How Ready You Are To Own A Dog 

This is the time to remind you that Pitbulls are generally not recommended for first-time dog owners. This is because these dogs are strong and dominant even as puppies. 

As their owner, you will have to be quite tough and consistent enough with them for them to acknowledge that you are their alpha. They are also full of energy so you have to be able to keep up with their physical activities. 

The first few months will require a lot of training and you will also encounter a lot of pulling from their end. You need to be strong enough, physically speaking, to restrain a Pitbull. You also need to have enough experience in order to deal with any compromising situations if they arise.

3. You Would Need To Take Full Responsibility As A The Owner 

Having a Pitbull as a pet is not always going to be a bed of roses. Your neighbors may not be pleased with your decision (due to the negative stereotypes associated with the breed). Even your friends may suddenly stop visiting you as a result of this so be ready for anything. 

This undeserved stereotype makes this breed an unpopular subject of hate so you need to be prepared to face any negative reactions. You must also be willing to gently educate these people and get them to see the truth about how wonderful Pitbull’s actually are. 

Training a Pitbull is not an easy feat! You will always have to be consistent and precise. Don’t worry, all the hard work will pay off when you’ve curbed any behavioral problems and you have a well behaved, lovable Pitbull. 

Whether you’re dealing with a puppy or an adult, if you believe you won’t be able to handle it, you can always employ the services of a professional trainer.

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