How Old Is My Pitbull?

how old is my pitbull
Image by Senbonzakura from Pixabay

So you have a Pitbull and you’re trying to figure out how old she is. We understand that you’re probably considering a lot of decisions if the question “how old is my pitbull?” is on your mind. 

Dogs, like most living creatures, follow a lifecycle – one that requires the proper level of nutrient and physical activity to ensure their good health. Pitbulls happen to be highly active normally especially during the adult years of their lives. Figuring out your dog’s age not only lets you know the capabilities of your dog but also allows you to put together the proper dietary and physical planning required to handle your dog’s need. 

Well, figuring out your dog’s age isn’t as hard as you think. Dogs like most animals age and all living animals or things possess go through some form of aging process as they progress through time. Most dogs display a lot of signs as they age and noticing these distinct features can help inform you on your pitbull’s exact age. 

Major signs that indicate a dog’s age are the dog’s dentition, physical activity, as well as physical attributes, and behavioral patterns.

Now, most dogs are very recognizable as puppies. It’s not hard to see with their distinct features. Puppies generally have very exact characteristics like their very small statures, bigger paws in relation to the body, underdeveloped teeth, etc. Like we said it’s pretty easy to figure out how old a dog is when it’s at this age.

Now when your pitbull is more fully grown and developed it might become a bit confusing figuring out. Also, if you happen to have gotten a new dog this might also be a problem you need help figuring out. Now, most dogs share similar physical attributes at different ages so we’d be listing the ones you need to know as well as the ones particular to pitbulls so you know what you need to look out for in order to know how old your Pitbull is.

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Different Age Stages Of A Pitbull

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Dogs generally expected to reach full maturity from 18 months. Pitbull dogs, on the other hand, take a longer time to achieve maturity. They might take two to three years to hit maturity. So your Pitbull might fall into a much younger age than you expect. The adolescent age falls around 6 months before this time. 

Now during this stage dogs display firmer, fully grown adult teeth. By the way, your dog’s dentition happens to be one of the easiest ways to ascertain your dog’s age. If your Pitbull happens to have a strong set of teeth and an active exuberance, then he’s probably already in the adolescent stage. 

Also during the adolescent stage, your dog begins to develop into sexual maturity. If the reason for discerning your dog’s age is this, then considerations for neutering, if that’s your intent, should be in mind. That way you won’t have to deal with unplanned puppies. 

Your Pitbull at this time might also suddenly develop a rebellious attitude and engage in excessive chewing as well as aggressive behavior against you. As a side note, neutering also assists with this problem and can be used to diminish hormonal issues like marking. Make sure to consult your vet, that way you’re aware of which options are available.


Pitbulls hit this age fully at 3 years. Your dog should be fully grown now with a full set of permanent teeth. Dogs around this age are very exuberant and will require a lot more interaction. Required supplements and dietary plans and needs should be handled and explained to you by your doctor so as to improve your pitbull’s health and lifestyle. Now, unlike some other dogs, your Pitbull ages a little faster with a life expectancy of 14 years.

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By the eighth year of your dog’s life, your dog should begin to develop a less active lifestyle. Your once active Pitbull will seem to sleep more and for longer. Their strength wanes over time, and age eventually begins to show. Lesser walks will be taken and your dog will seem more careful and premeditated. 

The dental work of dogs at this age also happens to increase the more she ages as her teeth begin to have higher tartar buildup as well as visible yellowing. If your dog is this age then you want to begin to handle your dog’s dental care with greater care. 

A healthier change in diet, as well as adequate required medication, should help to reduce the stress experienced on your dog’s biology over time. Dogs are also vulnerable to organ damage and failure at this age. So when visiting your vet consider discussing setting up checkups to confirm organ failure. And in the case of failure or damage, the vet should show you the options available to take. 

Finally, by the time your dog ages some more past his 8th or 9th year, they might start to experience grating of the fur, loss of hair, and sometimes a few teeth would get loose and begin to fall out. At that point in time, your dog is quite old and should be at least 11 years old.


Having a dog can be fun but it can also be quite stressful. Figuring out your dog’s age allows you to know the proper steps to take in order to provide the proper level of care she needs. Dogs are one of our very best friends. It is only right we do our best to take care of them.

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